Joke Silva Highlights the Enormous Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

Veteran Nollywood actress Ajoke Silva has emphasized the significant advantages of maintaining a healthy sex life in marriage.

During the latest episode of the Africa Magic docuseries, The Rabors Forever After, Silva challenged the misconception that “older women are not as sexually active as younger women.” She expressed disapproval for women who lose interest in sex and childbearing after menopause, advising them not to resign themselves to this, suggesting the use of supplements and lubricants to enhance their sexual experiences.

Silva shared her perspective, saying: “Somebody decided to say, ‘People should accept the fact that men are: one, polygamous in nature, and also the older a man gets, the younger he needs a woman because the older woman is not as active.’ And I’m reading this and I said, ‘What a load of crock.’

“Once you’ve gone through menopause, number one, you’re more relaxed. You’re not taking anything chemical—none of that. And then you’re not taking chemicals for pregnancy. So, you’re saying you’re comfortable [not being sexually active]. You’re so much more relaxed. There are things for dryness. Lubricants for both parties.”

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