Teni Opens Up About Battling a Life-Threatening Throat Infection

Teniola Apata, the renowned musician known as Teni, has shared a deeply personal revelation about her health, disclosing that she faced a life-threatening throat infection in July.

In an Instagram post, Teni recounted her challenging experience with the throat infection and the temporary loss of her voice.

In a video that is now making waves on social media, the singer explained that her doctors had recommended surgery to prevent permanent voice loss.

She expressed, “While I was recording my second album, ‘Tears of the Sun,’ in July 2023, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening throat infection.

“After enduring several episodes of temporary voice loss, my doctors strongly advised me to consider a major operation to avert the risk of permanent voice loss. In September 2023, due to repeated episodes of exhaustion, I was hospitalized and received various injections over a span of five days.

“In October 2023, I experienced a partial recovery of my singing voice, even though I hadn’t undergone surgery. Now, in November 2023, I am back on stage in full force. My new single, ‘Malaika,’ is my song of gratitude and praise to God for His mercy and grace,” she expressed.

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