Oladips Opens Up About Detention in South Africa (VIDEO)

Nigerian rapper Oladips recently shared a video on his Instagram detailing a distressing experience during his visit to South Africa, sparking widespread discussion and concern online.

In the video posted on Monday, February 19, 2024, Oladips recounted being detained in a South African cell for three days. He explained that he left Nigeria on the day of the Super Eagles’ AFCON finals against Ivory Coast, intending to travel to South Africa. However, upon arrival, he was denied entry and subsequently taken into custody.

In the candid video, Oladips expressed his shock and frustration, admitting to breaking down in tears over the unexpected turn of events. Despite the challenging circumstances, the rapper showcased resilience by displaying dance moves while inside the cell.

Oladips revealed spending three agonizing days in the cell before finally being allowed to board a flight back to Nigeria. The rapper’s honest revelation about his detention has garnered sympathy and concern from fans who were shocked by his ordeal.

The incident has sparked discussions about the treatment of Nigerian travelers in South Africa and the challenges faced by artists dealing with international travel and stressful immigration policies. Many have expressed solidarity with Oladips, calling for greater awareness of the difficulties encountered by Nigerian travelers abroad.

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