Lord Lamba Explains Delay in Publicly Acknowledging Child with BBNaija’s Queen

Lord Lamba, the popular skit maker, has clarified the reason behind not publicly acknowledging his child with former Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemate, Queen Atang, until she got engaged to another man.

Lord Lamba recently shared pictures of their daughter, Princess Keilah, on social media after Queen’s engagement announcement, sparking mixed reactions. In response to the controversies, Lamba explained that he kept Keilah away from social media to protect her from potential trolling.

The skit maker, Kelvin Anagbodu, emphasized that as public figures, he and Queen did not want their daughter to be subjected to name-calling online. He stated that his decision to share Keilah’s photos at that time was not meant to be insensitive but rather to protect her from social media negativity.

Lamba further defended his involvement in Keilah’s life, pointing out that he wouldn’t have participated in her birthday party or taken her on playdates if he wasn’t committed to being actively present as a father. He asserted his right to decide when and how his daughter appears on social media, highlighting that her well-being is his top priority.

Earlier, Lord Lamba had filed for custody of Keilah, expressing concerns about Queen’s upcoming marriage affecting her ability to care for their daughter fully.

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