My baby mamas don’t mind me flaunting my wife” — Singer Oritsefemi

Nigerian singer, Oritsefemi has in a new interview with Sunday scoop, said that there is nothing wrong about flaunting his wife whenever he wants.

The singer who held a traditional and white wedding last month at The Ark, Okunde Blue Water Drive, Lekki, Lagos with his beautiful wife, Nabila, revealed that he is a man of the people and cannot hide his wife from the public.

He said:

“Everything about me is out there. The reason I often gush about my wife on social media is because I’m proud of the love I have for her. I have nothing to hide. Because I’m a celebrity, a lot of attention is always on me, and whatever I do becomes topic of discussion.

I don’t think it is a crime to appreciate your spouse. In fact, it is something every couple should do more of. But the relationship between me and wife is very tight. We love each other. Nobody can come in between us. Since I got married, I have become a different person. I’m more responsible now.”

On whether his baby mamas wouldn’t feel slighted by all the love he’s showing his wife, the Double Wahala singer said:

“We have perfect understanding among us, and nobody feels slighted about anything. I always make sure I give everyone the respect that they deserve, and that’s all that matters.”

Reacting to his former manager, Danku’s claim that he introduced him to his wife, Oritsefemi said;

“I have no comments about that. It is unnecessary. There are some interviews that I cannot grant. I don’t promote people without any tangible reason.”

Speaking on how he would celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays, Majemite said,

“I give thanks because the year has been so good for me. I will just call some friends and we would celebrate together. I’m also about to release a new song titled, Kiss your Bride. The song is based on my wedding.”

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