COVID-19: South Korea To Hold First National Election During Pandemic

In a time of a global pandemic, South Korea is set to hold its election. The Coronavirus pandemic that has caused so many countries to take strict measures in other to curb a spread as the world still search for a vaccine or cure to combat the virus. The United States, Italy and Spain remains the highest hit countries of the Coronavirus.

According to Aljazeera, South Korea has recorded a total of 10,000 cases and 220 death and yet, elections are still ongoing. Distance from each other (social distance), temperature check, face mask, and gloves are been worn and done to contain a spread while voters cast their votes in South Korea. People with high temperature goes to a particular voting boot where they cast their vote and after which are been tested to ascertain the cause of the high body temperature.

The Parliamentary election been held by South Korea is the first of its kind during this current pandemic. A success of this procedure, will give other countries the idea on how well to conduct elections in coming months or years should the pandemic continues.

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