Lassa Fever The Silent Killer, Causing More Havoc Than Coronavirus In Nigeria

The first Coronavirus case was first recorded in Nigeria on the 27 day of February 2020 as it was reported that an Italian man came into the country and started showing signs of the COVID-19 disease.

As at 11:20 pm 15th April, Nigeria has recorded 407 confirmed cases, 128 discharged and 12 deaths according to Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). The number of states with confirmed cases of COVID19 include:Lagos- 232 FCT- 58 Osun- 20 Kano- 16 Edo- 15 Oyo- 11 Ogun- 9 Katsina- 7 Bauchi- 6 Kaduna- 6 Akwa Ibom- 6 Kwara- 4 Delta- 4 Ondo- 3 Enugu- 2 Ekiti- 2 Rivers-2 Niger- 2 Benue- 1 Anambra- 1

Taking a shift out from the Coronavirus, Lassa fever which is caused by an infected rat can be transferred to humans when droplets from the infected rat comes in contact with our food. The Lassa fever is causing more havoc in the Country and it’s less discussed about. According to Daily Trust, from January to April there have been over 963 ill persons with the disease across 27 states in the Country.

Dr. Aliyu Sokomba, President of Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) said its a very serious outbreak as we are experiencing the world’s largest outbreak of the disease. He said, “Lassa fever is a preventable disease but we have stopped talking about the preventive measures since COVID-19 came up. The disease is highly infectious, it spreads and it kills. So it is high time attention is paid to it because it is killing Nigerians and every life matters. It means that for every 100 people that come in contact with Lassa fever, 20 of them die.”

Lassa fever can be prevented if we follow strict home hygiene keeping rodents off our houses and surroundings. No rat carries a tag showing “I Have Lassa Fever” so it will be very important if we keep our environment clean at all times. As the Coronavirus case keeps increasing, that of Lassa fever keeps multiplying.

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