“The best way to say no without having to explain yourself or making an enemy”- Reno Educates Fans

Is no, not one of the most difficult things to say? Most people find it difficult to use the word and at the end, put themselves in an uncomfortable situation. But guess what, there is a new way of saying no without hurting anybody or making the second or third party feel bad.

According to Reno Omokri, the best way to say no without having to explain yourself, is to listen with empathy and then simply say “Not now”. Not now doesn’t really put any pressure on you because you may want to reconsider your stands on the subject matter which you wanted to say no to. Meanwhile you have said no without making an enemy.” Reno tweeted.

Learning how to say no pleasantly is a skill we must learn and master, to avoid wasting our time on other people’s priorities and lose our own focus in the process.

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