Williams Uchemba Adopts 18 Year Old Carpenter As Son.

Popular Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba revealed via his Instagram page on Thursday that he has adopted a 18-year-old carpenter and granted him a university scholarship.

Williams shared the story of his encounter with the young man and how he came up with his latest decision.

According to him, he had gone shopping for furniture when he met this young man Demola at the shop. After some conversations with him, Uchemba says he made up his mind to assist the smart young man.

He stated as follows;

Few days ago I went to a furniture store to make some furnitures for my ongoing projects and when they took me to the workshop, I saw this young man Demola who was one of the carpenters but as an apprentice. I asked him some questions and realized that he is a very smart young boy, so I invited him to my house to know more about him. He is 18 years of age, has finished secondary school (with good grades) and would love to study Economics in the University but can’t further his education because he doesn’t have a sponsor to put him through school. So today I decided to adopt Demola not only to sponsor him through school but to mentor him with the knowledge and other information that has made me who I am today, till he becomes the man God destined him to be. Say hello to my new son 😊.

Williams has received appraisal by over fifteen thousand people who have commented on the post, as this is not the first time Uchemba will be extending his benevolence heart towards the less privileged.

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