Breaking: Senate on a mission to remove embargo on age limits for job seekers

Have you ever tried applying for any job of your choice and towards the end you see this caption, “not above 25 or not more than 26 years?” most people miss out on their dream jobs just because of age limits.

The Senate on Wednesday sitting, have asked the President, Muhammadu Buhari, to direct the Federal Ministry of Labor and Productivity to review the age limits for job seekers in the country, so as to allow more competent hands to be employed.

The motion which was engineered by Senator Gobir, said most people who fail to fall between a certain age, resort to falsifying their age in other to gain employment, while some, may embrace criminal activities and further increase the rate of insecurity in the country.

“Many individuals resort to falsifying their age all in a bid to fall within the required age limit for them to be gainfully employed. In another development, it can lead others to embracing criminal activities and further increase the growing crime rate and insecurity in the country.” Senator Gobir said.

The Senate President, Ahmad Lawan condemned the discrimination against job seekers as a result of the barrier imposed by the prescribed age limit.

I think this age embargo should really be reviewed, as it can be discouraging for job seekers. Everybody should be given equal rights to apply for a certain job, if they feel they meet the criteria and not to be disqualified by their age, which is absolutely not their fault.

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