Celebrity Bar Man, Cubana Chief Priest And Linda Ikeji’s Sister Fights Dirty On Social Media

When we talk about Linda Ikeji, the first thing that comes to your mind is a millionaire blogger who rose from grass to grace via blogging. The success of Linda didn’t just stick with her, as her success can be seen in the life of her family and most especially her sister, Sandra Ikeji.

The fight between Cubana Chief Priest and Sandra Ikeji started when Linda Ikeji’s blog posted a message from the celebrity bar man where he advised people to invest in their enjoyment, as it’s the greatest asset once you are gone.

Linda’s sister went to the comment section to shade the message from the blog as she said, “This guy should move abeg”.

Cubana Chief Priest who was not in his chill days, replied her in the most in the most ridiculous manner as he brought to light why Sandra is showing such resentment and rage towards him.

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of baggage, if your’e not ready to face the music, then keep your life off social media and mind what you do because people are watching. Moreover the Internet never forgets.

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