Nigeria #EndSARS, Congo #CongoIsBleeding & Now Cameroon Seeks Justice, As Gunmen Storms School

Nigeria was #EndSARS, Congo was #CongoIsBleeding and Now Cameroon (#EndAngolphoneCrisis) is facing a tough time as various schools in the country was attacked by unknown gunmen and it was alleged that they were gunned down while studying in their classrooms.

In a time when African leaders need to wake up and take actions to enable safety of citizens and properties in their country, the news from Cameroon is really disheartening as various graphic pictures have surfaced online.

In the case of Congo, around 40,000 children work in cobalt mines where they earn less than $2 a day. Cobalt is a natural resource that can be used for making electric vehicle batteries, laptop batteries and phone batteries, as Congo has 60% of the natural resource in their country, while Nigeria youths seeks to put an end to police brutality, harassment, unlawful arrest, bad governance and alleged killings from the police.

Here are pictures from the Cameroon attack and comments from citizens:

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