Police Arrest Father For Grasping 3Yr Old Daughter To Death. (PHOTO)

Officials of the Nigerian Police Force have arrested a father for allegedly grasping his three-year-old daughter to death in Igando, Lagos State.

The father identified as Adamu Haruna was arrested on Wednesday, September 28, 2021.

According to reports, “Haruna was said to have woken up to use the toilet and told his wife to accompany him.His wife was reported to have told him to go alone.

A source further revealed that, “Haruna’s wife told him that when her husband returned, he told her to go and have her bath in the bathroom but the woman refused. “He started b*ating her, insisting that she obey him. When the woman got to the bathroom, she discovered that her husband had emptied a disinfectant into the her bath water.

She returned to the room and told her husband that she could not have her bath with such water and he continued b*ating her. She fled the apartment, leaving the sleeping three-year-old girl behind.

The man came out with the child and held her to his chest as if he wanted to prevent her from an att*ck. In the process, he sq*eezed her to d*ath.”

The suspect has however been arrested and detained at the police station in Igando, Lagos.

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