Kanayo O Kanayo Places Curse On Those Spreading Rumours Of His Death. (Video)

Popular Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo has placed a curse on the person spreading rumours of his death.

Born Anayo Modestus Onyekwere, the movie star, thanked everyone who has called him since news of his rumoured death broke.

“My life has never been in anybody’s hand. I want to thank my friends who have called me since morning, I don’t even have a fever. Whoever has compiled these photos, you will exit this world in 7 days,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

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The actor then went on to warn those who had shared rumours of his death online. Via his Instagram page he wrote;

“I don’t know what people gain by carrying rumours, printing their obituaries. I don’t know what will make somebody wake up in the morning and start tagging somebody.”

“I do not know…Do most people think Nollywood people, entertainers do not have family members. What kind of life do you think we live? Somebody wakes up, compiles 3, 4, 5 photos, and puts RIP. You will not live past the next 7 days. You’ve got the wrong guy,” he added.

Watch a video of his statement below:

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