Daniel Regha Raises Concerns About Big Brother Naija Influencing Low Moral Values

Popular social media commentator Daniel Regha is speaking out against the widely watched Nigerian reality show, Big Brother Naija. Regha is worried that the show is creating famous people who might not be the best role models, especially when it comes to morals.

His comments came after BBNaija All Stars winner Ilebaye attended singer Davido’s Martell party in an outfit that got a lot of attention on the internet. According to Regha, “Ilebaye should have chosen a better outfit for the Martell Party, her dress was not good.”

Regha is pointing out that Big Brother Naija is promoting and supporting celebrities who might not have the best moral values. He thinks that people like Ilebaye, who wore a dress he finds inappropriate, are becoming role models because Nigerians are supporting them.

This raises a larger question about the impact of reality shows on the values of society and the responsibility of these shows in shaping the behavior of their participants.

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  1. It is when they have no money that they form humility and holiness, hiding under the cover of church. Does this girl not have parents? Does she not have any good friends to tell her that this way overboard? This is nonsense and totally unacceptable from this fake celebrity girl, she is a fraud and pretending to be who she is not in the BBnaija show.

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