Pep Guardiola Commends Chelsea’s Midfield Trio in Thrilling 4-4 Draw

In a captivating clash at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea and Manchester City treated football enthusiasts to an exhilarating match, culminating in a 4-4 draw just before the international break.

Following the game, Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, showered praise on Chelsea’s midfielders, acknowledging their pivotal role in controlling the game. Guardiola highlighted the contributions of Gallagher, Caicedo, Enzo, Cole, and Sterling, emphasizing Chelsea’s strength as a formidable team. He noted Chelsea’s resilience, pointing out their performance against Liverpool and Arsenal, underscoring that “it’s Chelsea, they won’t go away.”

Guardiola also discussed Chelsea’s strategy with young players integrated during the summer, expressing a nuanced view: “Could be better! But could be worse, too.” He described the match as a compelling showcase for the Premier League, acknowledging the ebb and flow of the game, with both teams having their moments.

As the league standings currently stand, Manchester City leads with one point, while Chelsea maintains the tenth spot with 19 points.

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