TikTok’s Latest Feature Lets Users Save Songs Directly to Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon

In a strategic collaboration with major music streaming platforms, TikTok introduces a groundbreaking feature allowing users to seamlessly save songs from the app directly to their preferred streaming services.

Renowned for catapulting songs to viral fame, TikTok has significantly impacted music charts worldwide. The platform is now partnering with leading streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music to unveil a new ‘Add to Music app’ feature. This functionality empowers users to effortlessly save the songs they encounter in TikTok videos directly to their chosen streaming music application.

The user-friendly ‘Add Song’ button will start appearing next to track names at the bottom of videos in the For You Feed, facilitating easy song preservation. Additionally, first-time users will have the option to select their preferred music service through this feature.

TikTok’s influence on propelling songs to popularity is evident, with tracks like “Water” by Tyla, “abcdefu” by Gayle, “Buss It” by Erica Banks, and “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals achieving massive success through the platform. Spotify has made this feature available to both its free and premium users, while Apple and Amazon Music restrict access to premium subscribers.

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