Nigerian Lady Expresses Anguish as Ex-Boyfriend Tags Her in His Pre-Wedding Photos

A Nigerian lady named Florence Clement has expressed her frustration on social media after her ex-boyfriend, identified as Adamz, tagged her in his pre-wedding photos with his new wife, Phoebe. Adamz recently got married in Abuja, sharing the pre-wedding pictures on Facebook and explicitly tagging Clement in the post.

In her Facebook response, Clement questioned why her ex-boyfriend felt the need to tag her in the photos after abandoning her. She also lamented how she financially supported Adamz in starting a business, only for him to leave her when he became successful.

Clement’s post included curses and expressed her wishes for pain and suffering in Adamz’s life. The post has sparked mixed reactions from Nigerians on Facebook, with some empathizing with her pain and others suggesting that she move on and thank God for saving her from further sorrow.

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