#MusicBrainer: 8 Things You Should Know About Music Publishing.

If you are looking to make money from music and perhaps even turn the passion into a career then this is for you. WHAT IS MUSIC PUBLISHING? Music Publishing simply put is the act or business of earning money from your music. Music Publishing could also mean the management of music copyrights for commercial purposes.  Therefore when your music is …

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#MusicBrainer: 4 Ways To Keep Your Fans Engaged During The Covid-19 Lockdown.

The whole world has been crippled by the current covid-19 pandemic, which has affected so many creatives, including professionals in the music industry. Deeply affecting their source of livelihood. Right now every musician (both upcoming and working) are pretty much affected by it, as lots of music concerts, tours, shows, and even studio recordings have been put on hold by …

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HEALTH TIPS: Things You Don’t Know About Soursop

Things You Do Not Know About Soursop

Soursop is a fruit with very nutrient dense which provides a good amount of vitamin c and fiber, it also contains small quantity of iron,niacin,folate and low calories. Soursop is recommended for both the young and old because of its health benefit which are listed below: 1. IT HELPS TO STABILIZE BLOOD SUGAR: soursop has shown to help stabilize and …

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10 Footballers Who Tested Positive For COVID-19.

The current coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, has massively impacted the football and sport world in general. With Football leagues and competitions all over the world been suspended due to the coronavirus crisis. The COVID-19 virus, which originated in China, has spread across the globe with more than 664,500 confirmed cases and over 30,800 deaths. As a result, several professional …

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#MusicBrainer: Stepping Up Your Game As An Artiste Despite The Coronavirus Pandemic.

The current spread of the Coronavirus is a state of emergency that the world and most especially the music industry hasn’t experienced before. Without much doubt the lockdown has affected the music industry drastically. With lots of shows cancelled, concerts postponed and album premieres on hold, amongst many others. However, drastic measures need to be taken to contain the virus …

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How To Avoid The Coronavirus Infection While Travelling.

You may have heard about the outbreak of the coronavirus that news outlets have been covering lately. Should you be worried? Before you think of cancelling your flight booking, make sure you have all the facts. With that in mind, we unpack everything you need to know about the coronavirus. What is the coronavirus? Coronavirus refers to a family of …

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