Meet Fela’s First Daughter, Yeni Who is Planning on Getting Married When She Turns 75-years-old

Marriage is a beautiful thing, so they say; but do unmarried people live a happy and fulfilled life? The first daughter to afrobeat pioneer, Omoyeni Anikulapo Kuti also known as Yeni Kuti has told news men that she would get married when she turns 75-years-old which is approximately 16-years from now.

Yeni who is a dancer, singer and co-manager of the New Afrika Shrine alongside her brother Femi Kuti is the brain behind “Felabration” a music festival conceived to celebrate the life and contributions of her late father Fela Kuti.

According to reports, Feni told newsmen that she would eventually be getting married at 75. Yeni who is currently 59-years-old said, “I have a partner and we have started our marriage plans. We would get married when I am 75-years-old.”

What a bold speech from Yeni as she was born in England, did her basic secondary education in Nigeria and has a diploma in journalism. She sounds less bothered about her relationship status something most Nigerian parents wouldn’t take for granted as they feel marriage is one of the most important certificate any responsible woman should have.

We wish Yeni Kuti all the best.

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