Fresh Attack As Boko Haram Descends On UN Helicopter, Kills Two

The United Nations (UN) said two civilians and a 5-year-old child were killed and an aid helicopter damaged in a jihadist (Boko Haram) attack in restive northern Nigeria.

Nigeria has been in war with the Boko Haram group as the attack happened in the town of Damasak. According to the UN humanitarian coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon said several other people were injured in the attack.

Edward Kallon, also said, the UN will be suspending rotational flights for a week as they engage with government partners and conduct new risk assessment. The helicopter is used for the carrying humanitarian personnel’s and delivering aid to an estimated 7.9 million people in the northeast of the country as key road remains too dangerous to travel with despite the military insisting its victory in defeating the insurgents.

“A UN Humanitarian Air Service helicopter was hit by a bullet during the attack.” Kallon said.

Nigeria is still yet to find a long lasting solution to the numerous attacks from the Boko Haram group. As they are becoming stronger and more dangerous on each passing day.

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